Dig the grave

Wow. Tonight was rough.  Let’s start by me telling you a little story. When I went to the medium she told told me, when you see a feather, loved ones are near. I see feathers ALL the time now. Like all the time. In the most random places to.  Sometimes I think I see them […]

Lesson learned

No, I’m not done telling you guys stuff. Okay? But if you truly like reading what I have to say then click the “follow” button in the right bottom corner. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰ (do other bloggers use emojis when they write? I kind of don’t think they do πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ)  Anyway, the point is. You know all my […]

6 months

Six months ago I held you for the first time. Six months ago, I heard your little cry for the first time. Six months ago.. I became a mother to two baby girls and said goodbye to one of them.  I hate the word goodbye… I should have said, “tell we meet again.”  I always […]

Spiritual side of things πŸ’•

I know, you’re like “what could she possibly be sharing now?” “She has already shared everything with us.” But just wait! Guys. This is the craziest thing. And to be completely honest it has comforted me so much. Some of what I’m about to share with you MAY have been shared before in older blogs […]

Angel from the other side πŸ’•

Hey everyone! It’s been a little quiet around here. I apologize! We’ve been busy with the new house  and got us our very first family dog! But, I do have a few very exciting things to share about our sweet Holland Rhaye! After we had buried her my sweet aunt asked if we could get […]

{m o v i n g tips}

I have been married {f o u r} years and we have moved a total of six times!! Guys, that is an outrageous amount of times to move. Seriously.  I have really contemplated becoming a professional mover.  (Haha) seriously though. I have had a few requests on my top tips on moving and thought I’d […]


Growing up I was never the “popular” one or the one with a million friends. I didn’t party, I chose to sit home most weekends while the friends I did have would go party or choose things I really wasn’t comfortable with. I was never a procrastinator, if I had a paper to write it […]

Memorial Day πŸ’–

Oh Holland, today I am remembering you. On my way up to the hospital to see your papa all the memories of driving up here every single month flooded through me. All the miles, all the testing, ultrasounds, phone calls, doctors and hospital bills. All of it. It was worth every single penny. It was […]

A mothers love

When we have a baby, we go through excruciating pain. Sometimes indescribable pain. And yet, we’d go through it a million times just to hold our babies all over again. I’ve had two beautiful baby girls. Each scar a little different. Each scar tells a different story. A story of how they came into this […]