In that moment

February 12, 2018 I woke up feeling a little optimistic and decided, “What the heck. Just do it!” So I did, I took a test and within five minutes I got the little “plus sign”. Tears were instantly welling up. I couldn’t even believe it. Is this even happening? Almost a year of trying and […]

Part 2

“Welcome back Holland.” god said with a smile on his face Its even more beautiful than before. So much white, so much light, so many clouds, and this halo, thats new. This has to be the most beautiful place I have ever been. I looked down only to realize I wasn’t a baby anymore. I […]

Hollands story ✨

Jesus told me that they were the ones. That this mommy would love me forever no matter how different i was. He told me i was special so he had to send me to a special mommy and daddy. That they would always know what to do. Weeks went by and daddy kept saying i […]

Dig the grave

Wow. Tonight was rough.  Let’s start by me telling you a little story. When I went to the medium she told told me, when you see a feather, loved ones are near. I see feathers ALL the time now. Like all the time. In the most random places to.  Sometimes I think I see them […]

Lesson learned

No, I’m not done telling you guys stuff. Okay? But if you truly like reading what I have to say then click the “follow” button in the right bottom corner. 😘😉 (do other bloggers use emojis when they write? I kind of don’t think they do 🤷🏽‍♀️)  Anyway, the point is. You know all my […]

6 months

Six months ago I held you for the first time. Six months ago, I heard your little cry for the first time. Six months ago.. I became a mother to two baby girls and said goodbye to one of them.  I hate the word goodbye… I should have said, “tell we meet again.”  I always […]

Spiritual side of things 💕

I know, you’re like “what could she possibly be sharing now?” “She has already shared everything with us.” But just wait! Guys. This is the craziest thing. And to be completely honest it has comforted me so much. Some of what I’m about to share with you MAY have been shared before in older blogs […]