21+ weeks. We made it this far. We actually did it.

There is a lot to say and a few updates, so bare with me as i try not to go on a ramble here.

About four weeks ago i went to another “psychic medium” group reading and right after she gave someone a reading, her back turned to me, and she stood there. “Who’s pregnant?” My heart instantly sunk to the pit of my stomach. “I am, i proclaimed.” She turned around, “are you having a boy?” “Yes!” “I feel like you need to relax, just calm down. Everything is gonna be okay. Does this make sense to you?” In my head i’m like “yes!” How can I honestly relax though? I just don’t know what’s gonna happen. Its been a little stressful. She just kept telling me “relax, take it easy. everything is gonna be okay. quit stressing.” instantly, i could feel the stress i had been carrying for the last 3 months shift and seem to go away. She has helped me heal tremendously and i trusted her. every word. i trusted.

She brought up my miscarriage which then lead to another sweet momma behind me getting a reading. As much as i love hearing from my babies/family i have been spoiled and this poor mom needed it so much more. i love going just to hear everyone else’s story. it truly is amazing and extremely life changing.

A few days before this reading, we had found out we were having a boy! I was so shocked and a little in denial about it. I couldn’t really believe it. Until she told me at the reading I was having a boy and I knew it had to be true!

At the gender ultrasound, the baby kept moving and they just couldn’t get a very accurate reading. They would go back and forth between boy and girl. They thought that what was the boy part may have been the umbilical cord in the way and just couldn’t make up their mind. As persistent as I am i told the tech, “i am not coming back! you have to tell me what i’m having!” And as crazy as my husband was every time they said girl he would belch out, “LOOK AGAIN! THAT IS A BOY! I MADE A BOY THIS TIME! KEEP LOOKING!” They made me get up and do a dance, kick my legs, bend over, basically anything to get this little stink to move! They called in another tech and he immediately found the weewee! “ITS A BOY!” I’m not sure i’ve ever seen my husband more proud in his life that he had created a son. (insert eye roll here)

We then found out, through genetic testing that our sweet boy was ‘normal’. That they didn’t find any abnormalities in the test they had ran. I have truly never felt such relief in my life. This was incredible news. My doctors nurse called me to tell me the news and i thought i would cry right then. She knew how important this test was to us. (as did everyone in the office.) They all know our story so they knew to get me those results ASAP!

At my 20 week appointment my doctor said, “I hope someone called you and told you the good news about your genetic testing!?” I said, “YES! I’m so excited!” He then began, “The test we took, showed that you have an even smaller chance than normal to have a child with special needs. Especially Trisomy 18, since that’s what we were worried about.” “about 1 and 40,000” What fantastic news to hear! This made my appointment that much better. It got even better when i got to hear his sweet heartbeat of 149. Creating life is such a beautiful thing. I could listen to his heartbeat all day long.

Fast forward one week, IT’S TIME TO SEE MY SWEET BOY AGAIN! We are 21 weeks and 1 day. My appointment is at 11, and i show up at 10:30 with the fullest bladder of my life. I honestly thought i was going to die. They were running a little behind because they had and emergency patient in getting x-rays. So, I went to the bathroom, released a TINY bit a pee. (Do you know how hard it is to pee just a little when you are about to explode?) (and for those of you that are confused. they like to have full bladders for ultrasounds so they can see the baby better.) Still dancing around, (Hayven thinks i’m hilarious), I went back into the bathroom to release a little bit more. By this time I was sweating bullets. No joke. it was making me sick to my stomach to not be able to pee. I did this FIVE times. I went back to the bathroom FIVE times just to release a little pee so I could get comfortable. I swear the people in the waiting room thought I was crazy going in and out a million times. (maybe I am a little crazy, but this is so hard to understand unless you have been through it.)

FINALLY, they called my name back and i crawled onto the bench and instantly felt relief as my bladder shifted not pushing on me so hard. I then told the tech to get LOTS of pictures of everything, we had a daughter with abnormalities last year and we need to rule out ANYTHING. He totally understood and was the best! He got so many pictures, and said so far everything looks great. I haven’t seen anything that is questionable (obviously he cant tell us) but he felt pretty confident that everything looked normal. We got some of the sweetest pictures of baby that I will cherish forever.

He said the radiologist should be able to send the results to your doctor today or tomorrow so hopefully they will call you with good news soon! YAY! So, we’re currently sitting by the phones waiting for a call. But I truly believe that little Mr will be nothing short of perfect.

He did tell us that baby was measuring bigger than my original due date. Every measurement he got of the body was bigger than what I was. So I think my due date will most likely change to a sooner date! (totally okay with me!) His legs were measuring almost two weeks ahead so honestly I’m just hoping he’s tall like his dad and the poor boy doesn’t have to have my ‘short’ genes, otherwise his big sister may tower him.

I probably need to expand his wardrobe but here is the sneakest peek of whats happening over here!

He made getting a profile picture of him difficult today.

His tiny little foot that will soon be in those booties. His little leg that has been kicking non-stop for two days.

We had no problem knowing he was a BOY today.

I hope you enjoyed these little updates. I truly do love blogging and sharing everything with you guys. If there is anything you guys want to know drop a comment in the comment section and I will get back to you ASAP.

What did you think of his little nursery sneak peek? Do you guys want a blog of his nursery when everything gets done? Almost everything has been thrifted or I got a killer deal on it. I hate spending a lot of money, so when I find a bargain I am all for it!

To answer a few questions:

I am honestly feeling great. I’m hardly ever sick, just ALWAYS tired. He is sucking the life out of me. literally.

Braxton hicks hurt like a beotch this time around. I get this aching pain in my stomach that goes to my back and it just is sooo uncomfortable.

Um, also, the heartburn is literally the worst thing ever.

Yes, we have a name picked out. And no, we aren’t sharing.. yet! Will will probably wait till he is here to share just like we did with the girls. Just wait like 16 more weeks! WE CAN’T WAIT!


Its me again.

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