Its getting real, real quick.

Umm hello 👋🏼

Just thought I would do a quick update on how things are going over here. With pregnancy and life.

First off, we get to meet our sweet boy in 10 weeks. WHAT?! 😱😱 how is this even possible?!

Everything has gone perfect. This really has been an enjoyable pregnancy. No huge complaints from me. Currently peeing every hour an half through the night, but, whats new?

Haven’t had any major swelling yet (knock on wood!)

I basically want to eat everything thats in front of my face. (Working at a store is not helping with that either 🙈)

I was working in the nursery today & showed riley some cute clothing pieces I had scooped up and he told me I had an obsessive disorder. 🙈 you guys. I cannot help it! I want all the baby things.

Playing dress up has easily become one of my favorite things to do in the nursery. Just imagining a sweet baby boy in here instead of my belly gets me so excited for whats to come! We are just over the moon.

I am currently on the hunt for some cute knit pieces to wrap this sweetie up in this winter.

I have thoroughly enjoyed planning for this little one. He truly is such a blessing into our family. He is our rainbow 🌈 after two storms.

He has two names as of right now 🙈🙄 we love two names but don’t like how they sound together so we are just debating back and forth.

Nursery is ALMOST done. Just a few finishing touches I’d like to complete and I cant wait!

But, enough baby talk. (But really, theres never enough baby talk!)

My oldest baby STARTS PRESCHOOL TOMORROW. Im trying to not show her how nervous I am, because I know it will only make her more nervous. But I am having the hardest time. Why do they have to grow up?!

Currently laying everything out and my heart just cant take it. 😭

She is so excited to wear her new clothes but told me “mom, I’m just gonna be a little shy.” “It’s okay baby, you’ll make so many friends.”

What am I even gonna do when she’s at school?

Well, maybe I can finally nap.🙈

This year has had many ups and downs, with lots of different emotions, but I am so blessed god has given me a second… third chance, to be a mother. This is my calling in life. I was made to be a mom and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Hayven is so excited to see baby brother! She is going to be the best big sister. 🌈✨


A mother who made it.

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