Your funeral- our last goodbye

Saturday February 25, 2017

“Today your gone, today you left me. You left me for heaven. Im on my knee crying and begging, please let me be dreaming. Young, beautiful girl making her way up to those golden doors. Time will not erase all the tears streaming down our faces for you. We’ll miss you baby girl.” -Colleen M

On this day we laid you to rest my angel. I’m not exactly sure time will heal our wounds because, right now we are so broken.

Your service was beautiful and I am so glad all your aunts and uncles got to meet your spirit.

Your dress was absolutely beautiful. It was made from mommy’s wedding dress and it fit you perfectly! You looked absolutely perfect in it. Just like an angel.

You have so much family that loves you so much. There was no way you didn’t feel loved on this day or all the days before.

Your uncle JJ gave you the sweetest blessing before we closed your casket for the last time. Your papa Jl dedicated your grave and told us we will have lots more babies. So play with them while they’re with you but keep them safe and send them to me when they’re ready.

Our sweet baby girl, you maybe gone but you will NEVER EVER be forgotten.


“I carried you every second of your life and I will love you every second of mine.”


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