Genetic testing

Some people you can argue with all day about this. Whether or not to do testing on your baby. (A simple blood test is all)

When I was pregnant with Hayven I did the blood test, first time mom still learning everything so I just did it for my own reassurance. Of course they came back normal and she is perfectly healthy and fine.

Then I got pregnant with baby sister and my doctor said, “Well if your first one was normal there’s not a big deal in doing the testing with this baby.” And at that point I just thought, well, if anything was wrong I wouldn’t do anything anyway. I’m against abortions and I would love this baby no matter what, so I didn’t do it.

When we found Hollands heart problem and they referred me to a specialist up north they told me that it might be a good idea to have the testing done just to see what it says and rule anything out. I got the blood work done and they told me it is 98-99% accurate. I waited I think a week for those results and thats when they came back that our baby had Trisomy 18. Worst day ever to get that call! And you can go back and read the blog I posted about that day when they called me to tell me the results.

So then they recommended the amniocentesis. Where they poke a needle into my belly to get the fluid around baby to test, which is 100% accurate. I REALLY didn’t want to do that because I was scared to death they would poke the baby or something. I was 32 weeks at this point so the risks were much less than they would be if I was not as far.

The amnio verified everything we were praying against. Holland had Trisomy 18.

Im not writing this blog to go over everything I’ve already shared in previous blogs but to tell you how important genetic testing is to me.

Had I not got blood work done to verify Hollands condition we would of had no clue she had Trisomy 18 and the doctors would have swooped her away and done surgery on her heart and she would have passed with them instead of with me.

Nobody would have any idea she was sicker than they thought. Could you even imagine? Breaks my heart to even think about.

The reason I did the amnio was to really verify what was happening so I could get a different birth plan in order.

So many people will argue “Well even if something is wrong with the baby I will still keep it.” “Okay but if your baby had something that wouldn’t survive her life wouldn’t you want to know? Or prepare yourself for a “special” baby.”

I just cannot imagine not doing testing on all my babies now.

This may be a little rant.. but next time you are faced with decision to test or not maybe this will help make up your mind. I was just as shocked as many of you maybe that my baby had a rare condition that I couldn’t do anything about.


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