Part 2

“Welcome back Holland.” god said with a smile on his face

Its even more beautiful than before. So much white, so much light, so many clouds, and this halo, thats new. This has to be the most beautiful place I have ever been.

I looked down only to realize I wasn’t a baby anymore. I was grown.

“papa!” I ran and gave him a hug. “Im so glad to see you. Momma has told me so much about you. She loved you a lot.” “I have waited 9 months for you Holland. I was so afraid to die that I needed you here with me. Something told me to hang on just a little longer. then finally, god said it was time and you’d be here shortly. Look how beautiful you are!”

Blushingly, I replied, “You are so young. How are you a grandpa?”

God then chimed in, “Holland, my sweet angel. When someone passes away they come back to heaven at their healthiest, happiest age. You are now 17, and grandpa is 23.” “Look down at your momma, she is holding you so tightly as a baby but up here you are much older.”

“She loves you a lot Holland. She is gonna cry for a long time. She’s gonna be heart broken but I know she’s gonna be okay.” Papa replied.

“How do you know this papa?”

“Because your grandma Michelle is one of the strongest women I know. She raised your momma and your aunts, and when you see them you will know what i’m talking about. Those girls have a strong head on their shoulders. They might be a little stubborn at times, that probably came from me. But they are the strongest, loving, most caring girls I know.”

“On another note, grandpa whispered, “Do they have beer up here?”

“papa. no. They don’t have that. Mommy told me about you. She knew you’d try to be sneaky.”

There grandpa and I sat with our legs hanging off the cloud, fishing, and telling me all the stories with his mom and dad that had just joined us. “Man, these people like sheep.” I thought to myself.

I just watched momma the whole time. I don’t think she knew that I was there. All my aunts that papa talked about, came and seen me, all my grandparents came and held me and loved me. I knew they loved me.

Mommy had to go to the bathroom so she laid me in my bed, she came out and my papa and nana were there with one of my aunts. She opened the door from the bathroom, saw them holding me and lost it.

“Mommy, i’m so sorry. I love you. But please know I’m with papa. Please know I’m doing what was planned. I know you don’t understand yet, but gods plan is greater than anything we could ever dream of. I miss you so much but I’m where i’m suppose to be.”

Finally, everyone is in the room. All the family. The guy from the mortuary showed up. Momma wasn’t ready to hand me over. But, they gave her a a big, thick blanket to wrap me in.

She wrapped me all up, and had to cover my face with the blanket. She went to hand me to the mortuary worker and stopped, opened the blanket up again and kissed me one last time.

She handed me to the worker, he said, “Im so sorry.” turned around and walked out the door.

Momma fell to her knees, where everyone gasped and tried to help her up after her surgery and she just sat on her knees and cried, and cried, and cried.

Little did she know that my heart was hurting too. Papa held me tight. He kissed me and held me. Just like he would be doing to momma if he was with her.

The nurses walked in and momma said, “I need to go. Can I be discharged?” “Absolutely, I will go get your papers figured out. I will be right back.”

Momma grabbed everything out of my bed and threw it in my diaper bag.

The next question was, when’s the funeral. I passed away on a Wednesday, she decided Saturday would be a good day for the funeral. Give the family enough time to travel, and the obituary to be made.

Mommy had her wedding dress cut up and made into a beautiful dress for me to wear. My casket was so small the dress barely fit into it with me.

Mommy was called to come and get me dressed and ready for the funeral, we had matching bracelets to wear, a beautiful white dress and mom and dad wrote me a letter and put it inside of the casket with me.


Mommy was beautiful, she finally put on makeup, and she finally did her hair. I could hardly believe the time had already come. It was here. The time was here. To say goodbye to her one last time, say hello to all the family members that came to see me and love on mommy and daddy.

Papa told me who everyone was as they walked up to see me. “See that lady right there?” “Thats your great grandma, my wife and my very best friend.” She asked momma if she could kiss me. She then bent over and kissed me, she told me I was beautiful.

“Your great grandma is one tough cookie. She sat by my side everyday, she held my hand when I was scared and kissed me when I was weak. You would have loved her.” Grandpa replied, while staring at his wife like she was the most beautiful women on the planet.

“Grandpa?” “Yes, Holland.” “Do you wish you were still on earth? Do you want to go back?” “As much as I miss my family, im so glad its over. Its so peaceful, its so beautiful up here.”

“Before I came here your mom told me something Holland…” “She told me I needed to take care of you. To hold you until she can get up here. To show you how to tie your shoes, and drive a stick shift (your mom sucked at that so hopefully you can do better).” “She wanted you to learn how to ride a horse, and introduce you to all the animals we lost.” “But most importantly… she wanted me to love you.”

So we both just sat there and cried.

Then, grandpa lifted his head and said, “They better not get rid of that recliner. It still works. its just fine. it’ll be just fine.”


Holland Rhaye

***i have a part 3 in mind. just let me know if that is something you are interested in.***

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