{33 week bump date}

{January 22, 2016}

We have officially made it passed the mark where big sister came! Yay!! That has definitely been my goal!

(After taking pictures I think little miss disappeared😳 my belly doesn’t seem as big today)

My feet have officially started to swell 😩 and I feel like I’m tired ALLLL the time. But it totally doesn’t help that I’m chasing a wild 2 year old all day 😉  I am still on my iron supplements but I don’t know if they are working anymore. 😉

Blood pressure has been pretty good. It has spiked a few times but nothing to worrisome for the doctors.

All I need to make it is 4 more weeks {37 weeks} and that is my goal from here on out. If I can make it longer, great!

I’ve had a cold for what seems like forever! Like, I think I’m going on 3 weeks now. And I feel like I’m gonna lose it! 😥

Baby girl is still not as active as her big sister was. Usually at night time or in the mornings I feel her the most. The best thing to fall asleep to and start my day with! 💗

We have a name picked out for her, we have from the beginning and I thought we had a middle name but now I’m going back and forth between two. I would just do two middle names but it sounds weird together 😜 We will probably wait till she is born to share it. Just like we did with Hayven💗

I have officially hit the point where putting on my socks or shoes has become a struggle and I need help. Bending down seems almost impossible sometimes and fitting in jeans I wore before I was pregnant is out of the question!

8 months pregnant and I still don’t have a lot of morning sickness! Im so grateful this pregnancy hasn’t been completely miserable. I have put myself on “moderate” bed rest due to the swelling in my feet and my blood pressure strikes. I really don’t want to get preeclampsia again!

But I really just can’t wait to meet my baby and kiss her sweet face. 💗 god is sending me an angel and for that I will never take it for granted. Whether I get to spend a few hours, days or years with her, every single day I will cherish. 💕

Thanks so much for all the love and support. So so so blessed and grateful for everyone of you in my life that has helped me or just prayed for me. 💗




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