Angel from the other side πŸ’•

Hey everyone! It’s been a little quiet around here. I apologize! We’ve been busy with the new house  and got us our very first family dog! But, I do have a few very exciting things to share about our sweet Holland Rhaye!

After we had buried her my sweet aunt asked if we could get her flowers from the casket froze & put into a case. I never would have thought of that but it was such a wonderful idea and the sweetest gesture! 

After about fourteen weeks the flowers were FINALLY done. So I went to pick them up with my grandma. I honestly could not have asked for something sweeter. My grandma just lost her best friend but she was still worried about me and always wanted to make sure I was okay and taken care of. 

Tonight I was able to go to another reading in hopes of connecting with Holland or my grandpa again. If you missed my last blog about them here’s the link… 

Anxiously waiting for my turn.. I know not everyone that goes to group readings actually gets a reading but I was very hopeful. 

Before leaving the house,  nervous all day long but oh so excited. I grabbed Hollands stuffed pig she got from the NICU from her sweet nurse and I shoved it in my purse. Just praying that she would come to me, since I had something of hers there. I grabbed the obituary of her and my grandpa and shoved that into my purse. 

Nobody knew about those but Riley and my mom. I told her, “if you come through tonight please please tell me you know I put your pig in my purse.” Sure enough that was the first thing she said!  

She said, “I feel a baby coming through” and instantly my stomach dropped. I knew it was Holland. 

She walked over to me and I felt super anxious. My heart was racing so fast just waiting…

She then asked, “Do you have something of hers with you?” Oh my gosh. Are you serious right now? Holland listened to me. She heard me. I could melt right now. 

I reached in my purse and pulled out her pig. The reader with a big grin on her face took it from me and held it in the air. “Do you see this? She brought this without me knowing. The baby is showing me that you brought it in hopes that she would come through.” “I feel that you two are very connected and close” alright, bring on the water works. “Did you grab something else that you almost forgot?” Oh my gosh.. the obituary. I pulled it out of my purse. “I brought the obituary with me.” “What’s with the number 222 on the obituary?” Heart sunk.. “She passed away February 22.. 222” 

“She wants you to know that you will have more children. Stop thinking you are going to replace her. You’re not. She knows you love her. You’re going to be okay. You are going to have more children.”

All my worries answered. All of them. I can have more babies. 

Like last time she brought up her sweet little hand molds again. “Did you do something with her hands?” 

“You will be receiving lots of stars and moons in memory of her.” “Does that make sense?” “All I can think of is we always say, “love you to the moon and back.” 

She told me we did exactly what we were suppose to do for her passing. Everything was suppose to happen the way it happened. She’s happy and at peace. 

She told me she had cold chills. So did I. My baby is in the same room as me. Always. I just can’t see her. But I feel her. I can’t believe she would be five months old in just a couple days. πŸ˜­πŸ’”

Did you know if you just type in 222 in google it automatically pops up as an angel number? 

I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends commented, “The military unit here taught me that it’s an angel number! They are the triple Duce or 222 and they have never lost a soldier in battle.”

“I was 22 years old when I had Holland, I have 2 daughters, Holland became an angel on 2/22, we took exit 222 on our way home from all her doctors appointments. When Riley and I got phones together my number was “222”. All of this just makes me wonder if this had been in the making for our future the whole time. 

I see 222 everywhere I go now. Store fronts, numbers on mailboxes, or our total at the grocery store. It happens all the time. It really is my angel number. 

Are you reading this? “Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a reason.” How many times have I said this? “Everything has a reason. This is a reason for everything.” 

“Invest your time and energy into your dreams, and keep the faith that all of your work will soon pay off.”  

Why do I write these blogs? This is part of my dream. Part of my destination. I will never stop chasing it. I have exciting things I want to accomplish in my life and this blog is part of it. 

“Do not put your energy into negativity.”

Always know that your loved ones are near. They are in your heart and always around. 

I write this because this has brought me so much comfort. I completely and 100% trust in my readings. If this is something you do not believe in then please keep your comments to yourself. 

I love you all and appreciate all of your positive thoughts that you continue to support me in my blogs. 

{if there is anything you want me to write about in the future please let me know in the comments.} 



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