Easter time 🐣

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Growing up we had lots of traditions, coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts on the mountain while we camped and the bunny visited us and left gifts in the trees we had to go find. 

Enjoy this beautiful weekend with family and friends but as always, don’t forget the real meaning of Easter. 

Gods resurrection symbolizes the eternal life to all those that believe in him. We have all sinned and deserve gods judgement. God, the father, sent his only son to satisfy that judgement to all those who believe in him. Jesus, the creator and eternal son of god, who lived a sinless life, loved each of us so much that he died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve. 

If you truly believe and trust in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your savior, declaring it, you will be saved from judgement and spend eternity with god. 

There is not one doubt in my mind that I will be with my baby again. 

Through the heartache and the struggles we have encountered through this all I can’t help but feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for all that he has done for us. 

He sent me an angel, so beautiful, so perfect to have as my very own. He knew I would be okay because I am strong enough to handle his trials. He needed her up there to finish his duties. 

Holland was born a princess and died an angel.

Just remember, this weekend while we are eating bags of chocolate, food off the grill, and enjoying the warm weather that we remember where it all came from. If it wasn’t for God we would have nothing. 

Today I am grateful. 

And, God lives on. 


Tasia 😘

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